Mountains of Mail

Thank you to all who have attended our kick-off and Rally! We’re off to a great start. Yesterday, Misa and I spoke to the Principals in SCPS. They have heard our message and are supportive of what we are doing. Please go to them and let them know you are implementing Mountain of Mail in your schools. Please reach out to everyone! PTA members, parents, teachers, staff, SAC, Boosters, leadership classes, Student Government… EVERYONE should write a letter to save our schools!

Below is information to get you started. Please do not ever hesitate to ask questions. Attached is a flier, letter templates, instructions for your spirit box, etc. The deadline to turn in your spirit box STUFFED with letters is Friday, November 4. We will send out information closer to that date about drop off locations and times.

We cannot stress enough how important it is that you fill your box with letters. The budget crisis is not going away. If anything, there is the potential that the deficit will grow. We must try everything in our power to change the minds of our legislators. They owe us money and lots of it! Please help and encourage everyone to help.

Some suggestions over the next couple of weeks (and beyond). At your general meetings and programs, set up an Advocacy Table. Cover the table in red and have the letter templates to sign and blank paper out for people to write their own. Invite a member of the School Board or Stand Up to speak at your general meeting. Use all of your PTA resources! This effort takes everyone pulling together. We encourage you to give it your all! We know it can work!

Mountains of Mail – How To Info

Stand UP Parent Letter Template

Stand UP Student Letter Template

PreK K 1st letter

How do I start?

  • Send an e-mail to your PTA/PTSA members.  Remind them of the importance of STANDING UP for their school. Have a table set for writing letters at your next General Meeting.
  • Figure out who your Senator and Representatives are and include this information in your e-mail.
  • Get your staff involved. Have information on Mountain of Mail in their break rooms.
  • E-mail Letter Templates to all your PTA and PTSA members.
  • Please encourage a “personal touch.”
  • Write your own letter.
  • Add a personal story to the bottom of template.
  • Add a photo of your student.
  • Remind everyone to sign letters and add their address.
  • Let them know if you are a registered voter  and/or home owner.

If you have any questions please ask.  We need everyone to help us Stand Up for Seminole County Public Schools.  The budget cuts will affect every student in our county!  Please, Please get involved today!!


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